Copier rental service in Bac Ninh industrial area

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Copier rental service in Bac Ninh industrial area
Most units prefer to choose copier rental serviceboth saving costs for their businesses, as well as owning many of the latest model codes on the market today. VIETBIS launched a professional copier rental service (Leasing photocopier) in Bac Ninh industrial area.

List of industrial parks in Bac Ninh 

Bac Ninh is currently one of class I urban cities, with amazing economic growth and development. Bac Ninh city promotes investment attraction, construction, and development of large industrial zones such.
TT Industrial parks in Bac Ninh
1 Tien Son industrial park
2 Que Vo 1 industrial park
3 Que Vo 2 industrial park
4 Que Vo 3 industrial park
5 Yen Phong 1 industrial park
6 Yen Phong 2 industrial park
7 Dai Dong - Hoan Son industrial park
8 HANAKA industrial park
9 Nam Son industrial park
10 Thuan Thanh 1 industrial park
11 Thuan Thanh 2 industrial park
12 Thuan Thanh 3 industrial park
13 Gia Binh industrial park
14 Gia Binh 2 industrial park
15 Vietnam - Singapore industrial park (VSIP)

Reasons for choosing VIETBIS's copier rental service

VIETBIS with more than 10 years of experience in providing office machine rental services (printers, copiers, scanners, laptops). We provide services to thousands of businesses in Hanoi and neighboring cities (the North of Vietnam).


  • You do not have to invest a large amount of money into a new scanner
  • When you own a copier, it would require further maintainance and repairing fees.
  • When you use VIETBIS's copier rental service, further maintainance and repairing fees will all be FREE.

Professional Service

  • If there is any problems with the copier, our staff will come to your site to fix it right away 24/7 online to offline.
  • In some cases, the copier requires a longer time to repair, VIETBIS will provide customers with other equipment temporarily, so you will not have to wait and unable to continue your work.

Scan documents with high level of security

  • Many offices, SMB/SME companies and so on want to print/photo/scan documents that require high level of security.
  • Your documents might be leaked, or even gone missing. Our copier rental service will assure that your documents are protected.
  • Print management by user ID (option).
Contact us via Hotline 024 7303 1068 or 0971 491 492 for more information about the Copier rental service.
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